Our College Ode


God bless the Grand Gedeh County Community College for all to see and love

The college that was established and now functional in the land of our forefathers

Grand Gedeh, the gate way to the Southeast of Liberia


From the bank of Cestos River to the peak of Gedeh Mountain

The rising sun shines brightly to provide educational light

For all Grand Gedeans, residents, Southeasterners and Liberians


As we benefit from quality tertiary education in the culture of scientific research

Technology transforms to genuine socio-economic development

From the Grand Gedeh County Community College today


We will serve Grand Gedeh, the Southeast and Liberia at large

With proud and dignity so as to provide quality services

Through accountability and transparency for sustainable tomorrow


GGCCC, the place of higher learning long wished for

Thank God you have come and enabling us acquire knowledge


An Act of the 52nd Legislature created you

Our old folks cherish you and gave a space for your existence

Shine forever like the rising sun from behind the Gedeh Mountain

A flag to you with your fame!


With your presence, your children can joyfully sing a new song


We’ve a story to tell to Li-be-rians

That shall turn their hearts to the right

A sto-ry of truth and recon-ci-liation

A sto-ry of peace and love for all

A sto-ry of peace and love