Induction Ceremony of the Student Governing Council (SGC)

President Elect — Humphreh Z. Dweh

The party (SUP) narrowly defeated (SUA) with the margin of 108 – 105 making Humphrey Z. Dweh from the business department as president, Byee M. Sleh from the Agriculture department a female as a means of gender equality as Vice president and Emmanuel Smith from the same Agriculture department as Secretary General.

On December 19, 2021, a debate was held at the Students’ Center between The Vanguard Students Unification Party (SUP) and the students Unification Alliance (SUA). Abraham T. V. Kreku from the business department contested on the party of (SUA) as an opposition party while Humphrey Z. Dweh made himself available on the party ticket of (SUP).

After the election, the student council government submitted a budget to the administration for the conduct of the induction program. Immediately after the budget was released from the administration, the induction program was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the college. The ceremony brought together the county Authority, Some stick holders, Supporters, Students NGOs/INGOs Humanitarian and the College’s Administration making the program successful on April 16, 2021 @10am. An invitation was extended to Hon. Jeremiah Garwo Sokan to serve as Keynote Speaker during the Inaugural ceremony. Atilas A. Kar chairman for friends of Sokan proxy on behalf of their chief patron as a representative hopeful of Tchien Electoral District #1, Grand Gedeh County.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kar pledged an amount of 50, 000 Liberian Dollars in buttressing the efforts of the council as a message from their chief patron. Mr Kar also spoke on the characteristics of a good leader and cautioned the leadership of the student council government of the college.

The president of the student council government promised to construct a modern bill board and to engage the administration in getting office for the smooth operations of the council.

As a means of empowering extra curriculum activities, the Old and New students’ Games was held at the College’s main sports Stadium. There were both kickball and football categories where the Old Students were able to show their Supremacy by defeating the New students both in kickball and football competitions.

Penned By Humphrey Z. Dweh keep posted for more latest developments from the student council government of the college.


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